Winning the Innovate UK Young Innovators Award

Innovate UK backs Send Lesson, a platform for automated mobile-first training to replace live tours & presentations.

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January 25, 2023
Winning the Innovate UK Young Innovators Award

Remote working means presentations on PowerPoint need to be replaced with an asynchronous mobile-first presentation software alternative

As we move to a more remote way of working, this enables the world to work from wherever they like. The likes of Notion have enabled us to collate information in one place with the power of the internet, and Loom has enabled us to provide video information to document and send ideas asynchronously. These two tools solve a lot of problems in this new working age, but a great void exists between them when we get to interactive asynchronous information delivery.

With 60.9% of website traffic coming from mobile devices and 92.1% of internet users accessing the internet using a mobile phone, it’s clear that mobile platforms are the way forward.

That’s why I’m creating Send Lesson, a platform to asynchronously send information through automated mobile-first training to replace live tours & presentations.

How Send Lesson fits in and replaces current presentation software

Send Lesson is a platform created to develop mobile-first training to replace live tours and presentations. It provides delivery companies such as Shift, Uber Eats and Deliveroo the ability to automatically deliver accurate training to their employees, even when they're operating on their mobile devices, away from an office location.

Send Lesson can also be useful for Beefeater Tour Guides, enabling them to provide self-guided courses for numerous students with smartphones, guiding them through the Tower of London to specific locations in a safe and educational environment.

Plus, Send Lesson is beneficial for business teams that operate in multiple countries, allowing them to quickly take everyone through the thought process of a new feature and collect feedback in one place

Or if you’re a founder who wants to share your pitch deck with potential investors with the option of booking meetings embedded within the calendar form - Send Lesson has you covered!

The platform

Send Lesson is a web app comprising an editor to quickly develop content with the capabilities to input locational directions with an interactive map, textual information, videos, images, equations, code and videos. Moreover, we can embed any HTML or iframe directly into lessons for collecting information and showcasing web elements.

With an online dashboard, users are able to view analytics, invite teammates and send content out to students (either adding them manually or in bulk by uploading a CSV file). We will also shortly be adding marketplace functionality, an API with webhooks and integrations with all your favourite tools. For more information on our upcoming features and to submit any ideas, please head over to our roadmap!

Winning awards

I am very pleased to announce that with this platform I’ve won the Innovate UK Young Innovators National Entrepreneurship Award. This award will enable me to continue working on this project full-time surrounded by like-minded Innovators. 

Innovate UK is supporting 94 high-potential Young Innovators, with each winner benefiting from a grant, one-on-one business coaching and an allowance to cover living costs. If you’re interested in learning more about the programme, check out how Innovate UK could support you here:

Science, Research and Innovation Minister George Freeman said: “Innovation is about developing new and better ways of doing things - something young minds naturally do.  Our Innovation Nation mission - and 50% increase in Innovate UK budget - is about investing in R&D in all parts of the UK to help drive economic investment and create exciting new career opportunities.”

At Send Lesson, we are passionate about solving the problem of asynchronous information delivery and removing the requirement for live interaction. Whether that be with a walking tour or mandatory training, there should be means for automatic delivery and self-guided consumption. With this problem at the heart of everything we do, we are creating new and better ways of delivering information and training across companies through an automated and mobile-first approach.

With this platform, we are very close to an initial release date, if you’re interested in being one of the first, please head to the home page at and sign up. Or if you would like to discuss any problems you’re currently experiencing within this domain I would love to hear from you! Reach out to us at